Why We Picked Beaches, & Why Our Kids Loved It

    Last year we kicked off summer differently than our typical Walt Disney World vacation. We traded the hot Florida sun, for the cool tropical breezes at Beaches Negril Resort in Jamaica.
    Honestly, Disney has been our go-to family vacation destination for the last decade. We love the feeling of being inside the “Disney bubble”. We appreciate the exceptional customer service, & the cast members that go the extra mile to make the vacation magical. Plain and simple we love Disney!
    But after 8 days of sun, sand, & all-inclusive paradise I wanted to share my insight on the great family vacation debate, Disney vs. Beaches Resorts.
    This was the very first all-inclusive resort experience for us as a family. With nearly a dozen Disney trips under our belt we’ve grown accustomed to vacations with crowds of people & a jam-packed itinerary. Somewhat unsure of how my family would adapt to a slow paced, relaxing vacation we boarded a plane & crossed our fingers hoping for an amazing vacation. we wanted a change of pace. A more casual vacation where we could enjoy more authentic family time.
    Well, turns out we LOVED it! The change of pace delivered a more casual vacation filled with more authentic family time compared to our usual Walt Disney World vacations. Honestly, my biggest regret is not experiencing Beaches Resorts earlier with family!

My only regret was not vacationing at Beaches Resorts earlier!

What parents will love most about Beaches Resorts.

    1. Luxury all-inclusive. At Beaches Resorts not only is everything included but it’s top quality too! Food, beverages, entertainment, watersports, & even scuba diving…. we tried it all since there was nothing to lose! I loved being so relaxed, not worrying about how many Mickey bars we’ve eaten & how much I’d charged on my Magic Band.
    2. Exceptional service. Being HUGE Disney fans, a brand synonymous with great customer service, we’ve come to appreciate (& expect) great service. Beaches Resorts exceeded our expectations! Everyone we encountered from the time we arrived at the airport lounge to the time we left was friendly, helpful, informative, & fun. The kids even took notice and befriended several staff members during our stay!
    3. Balance of scheduled & unscheduled fun. With this being our first long vacation without a set itinerary and 8 days in a single place, I’ll admit that I was a bit nervous of the kids getting bored. That never happened. Beaches Resorts entertainment team does an amazing job of scheduling fun activities all-day & evening that you can enjoy at your leisure. Spend all day participating in scheduled activities, or spend all day doing nothing at all, the choice is yours.
    4. New learning experiences. Visiting a different country is filled with learning opportunities from comparing currency, languages, lifestyle, religion, and the list goes on. My children, especially the oldest, now has a different perspective on life & an understanding that the world is a bigger place than our city/state/country.
    5. Opportunity to make a difference.Beaches Resorts supports the nonprofit, Sandals Foundation, an organization that gives back to the people & places of the Caribbean. A big part of this is the Reading Road Trip excursion. We visited a local primary school in Negril, Jamaica to read one-on-one with first graders. This was truly the highlight of our vacation, and the memories of my children playing soccer & hopscotch with the local children is one that I’ll cherish forever!
    6. Easier to plan.Our Beaches Resorts vacation was far less stressful than Disney. Packing was a breeze because you’re in swim suits most of the time and there was no clock watching for dining reservation times or Fastpasses to make, and no Magic Bands to order! Beyond finding the right resort & room type a Beaches Resorts vacation is a breeze!

What the kids loved most about Beaches Resorts.

    1. No waiting in lines. Since we vacation at Disney often we’re accustomed to spending a lot of time waiting in lines. At Beaches Negril there were no ridiculous lines. None at the waterslides, kayaks, paddleboards, or any other activities. The longest line was at the self-serve ice cream machines.
    2. Activities for everyone. Being at Beaches Negril Resort for 8 days we had an opportunity to try it all… land sports, watersports, waterpark, beach, evening entertainment, & activities/games. There is absolutely something for everyone, at anytime of day or night.
    3. Kids camp. Activities are scheduled daily for all age groups, even teen activities! My kids loved the pool olympics & mini-golf tournament. And by the end of our week long stay they had made friends from other states, and even a few from England too!
    4. Sesame Street characters. I’ll be honest, my children aren’t as knowledgeable about Sesame Street characters as Disney but, they are still excited nonetheless to pose with any character in costume. And at Beaches Resorts these characters have special one-on-one experiences like the bedtime story. This is WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!
    5. No limits. This was the first vacation where they didn’t hear the word no very often. Want an extra dessert after dinner? Sure! Don’t like the fish, let’s try the chicken? Sure! Want to banana boat again? Sure! At Beaches Resorts everything is included so I never stressed about giving my kiddos the freedom to try/experience new things.
    So, if your family is like ours and enjoys an annual (or even semi-annual) vacations to Walt Disney World you may want to consider a Beaches Resort for your next vacation destination. I regret waiting until now to experience a Beaches vacation!
    If you’re debating Disney vs. Beaches Resorts I fully understand the price is steep for Beaches Resorts. It’s not a cheap vacation but it’s an incredible value. If I totaled all of the meals, snacks, drinks, activities, I could estimate a price. But its hard to put a price tag on watching your kids blossom with the limitless freedom & the joy they had by visiting their resort staff “friends”.
    The great thing about a Beaches vacation is that you can book this with a low deposit and make payments over time. Rates are already published as far out as 2018!!
    Get a no-obligation quote online or call 843.284.3241 for information.