Let's Make Memories

I was born and raised a small town girl in South Carolina.  I married my high school sweetheart and we were blessed with 4 (yes, 4!) daughters ages 26, 23, 17 and 14.  We love to travel—I believe we were all born with it in our blood. 

Over the years, I have enjoyed not only planning our vacations, but gladly gave tips and advice to friends and family.  When Tara at Two Sisters invited me to join their family, I couldn’t resist.  I treasure the memories made on vacations and want to extend that same feeling to others.  I love seeing all the pictures and hearing the laughs when clients share their vacation experiences with me and it is heartwarming to know I played a part in their happiness. 

"You should be spoiled by your experiences!"

Your vacation, is my business.

Personally, I have traveled throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and abroad since I was in high school. My Favorite destination winner goes to Spain and Paris with my bucket list destination is Turks & Caicos (just in case anyone wants to bring their travel agent with them)!  Planning to set sail or just sitting in a beach chair with my toes in the sand is what I live for. 

"It's all about the journey, that's what we take with us!"

A little more about me:

  • I am an only child.  Obviously, always wanted a big family.     
  •  I have a super soft spot for animals.  Currently we have 3 dogs, 3 cats at our house and 2 at our office, so I may or may not grow up to be a crazy cat lady. 
  • My favorite food is shrimp and grits and  tastes even better when paired with the perfect glass of wine! And of course my favorite dessert is red velvet cake! 
  • Finally, I am a avid Carolina Gamecock fan and have loved to watch my  oldest two cheer in high school , my youngest two play basketball and especially love to watch my baby girl play softball . 
  • My future goals are to enjoy our growing family! I added a son in law in October 2014 and am the proud grandma to a Yellow Lab and a Boykin Spaniel!  
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