I am a full-time working mom, with an awesome husband, Erik and two amazing little ones, Madison & Dalton. They challenge me every day to be the best mom and wife, but most importantly, they certainly make me stop to appreciate the little things.  I’m a small town girl that married her high school sweetheart and somehow together we have created this great life!

It's about finding and exploring your passions.

— Stacy Painter

Your vacation, is my business.

My love for travel started when I was very little.  Back in the 80’s when my parents had a rocking RV (well it all started with a pop-up). We made some great memories together as a family, and I felt like we were always going somewhere, even if just for a weekend getaway. As we got a little older and our travel evolved, we started cruising and I instantly fell in love.  I now have the opportunity to share my love for travel with my two children. Seeing life thru their eyes makes it so much sweeter. To see their sweet faces as they experience life or see something they have never seen before. They have taught me to appreciate life even more and realize it is about finding and exploring your passions.  My newest passion is helping other families experience just this. I love working with families and couples, planning vacations and making memories that last a lifetime!

I must see as much as I can during the time I am there.

A little more about me:

  • I love the beach!  Anywhere I can kick back with feet in the sand is heaven for me.
  • My favorite food is a good hot dog.  Yes, I know they are so bad for you, but I sure do love them!  They are even better when topped with my mom’s homemade chili.
  • I am one of those people that is really with family ALL the time, like really all the time! Weekly family dinners, vacations, holidays, always with family, we never seem to get enough of each other.
  • I have one sister and she is the best sister ever, she actually was the one who named me!
  • I can still to this day quote every word from Can’t Buy Me Love, Patrick Dempsey… Swoon! (And yes I have recently tested this theory.. Thank you Netflix)
  • Literally, I woke up one morning and decided that I wanted to be a travel agent, and then it happened.  I feel so blessed to have this opportunity.
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