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My kids favorite version of me is Vacation Mom! The mom that squeals with the sight of the hotel room that she doesn’t have to clean, and the nice meals that she doesn’t have to cook, and the bedtimes that she doesn’t have to enforce! I have to say, she is my favorite too! I am a busy Mom of three beautiful children, and I am a part-time early childhood educator, and wife to my super silly all-the-time husband! We embrace the busy day-to-day life, but we live for our down time!

"You should be spoiled by your experiences!"

Your vacation, is my business.

We love to travel when we can get away from our crazy schedule! We pack up the car and hit the road ready to create memories. One of my favorite memories as a child, was when my Grandparents would sing Disney’s version of “Happy Birthday” over the phone to me every year on my birthday. We learned the song on my first trip to Disney World when I was 4 years old! Many, many, many years later I sing the same song to my three beautiful blessings. I think about how I don’t really remember that trip, but I do remember the song (and the many trips after that). Memories are funny, a strange combination of feelings, thoughts, sights, sounds, smells that make up who we are. We have realized as our children grow so quickly, the time is now to make these life-long lasting memories. I’m passionate about helping other families and couples find their memories too!

"It's all about the journey, that's what we take with us!"

A little more about me:

  • I am a Disney Junkie! I am a little obsessed with Disney World, I love hearing a good, juicy Disney secret!
  • I’m OCD about cleaning, planning, and well…everything. But I have 2 junk drawers in my kitchen and 1 closet that would bury you under a pile of stuff if you opened it! Shhh!
  • I’m a fitness and nutrition nut! I ran my first Half Marathon in Disney, of course!
  • But I also looooove sweets! Any kind!
  • I love interior design!
  • England is my bucket list. Yep the whole bucket!
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